Est 2012


We can cater to all tastes and styles with our fantastic selection of Celebration Cakes.  From whimsical and novelty to classic and sophisticated. All of our designs can be adapted to cater to your needs. Please call or email for more information and availability.

Grey Ruffle Web Sherlock Cake Web 2 Leopard Web Neima Cake Web Deco Cake web Agatha Butterfly Web Champange Web Meerkat web Trainer Cake web Sprinkle Close up 3 Sprinkle Web Blue and PInk web Blue and Pink Close up Web Drip Web Lolly web Dino Web Agatha web Arthur Web Bag web Christening 1 Carriage Web Castle Cake Web Minecraft Web Snow WHite Web Pie web Pink LEopard web Ice Palace Cake web Hot Air Balloon Web Travel Cake web Rainbow Hear closeup Superhero Web HAndbag Web Tessy Web Goth web Louboutin Web Disco Bark Short web Rainbow Heart Web